An Overview Of The Inner Circle Pre Launch Videos

List Academy Go has released a series of videos intended to help people start their online career and generate income using email marketing. The first few videos of the series have been made available to the public as pre-launch content. Following is an overview of the video and the advice covered.

Understanding The Why.

There are several important topics covered in the free introduction videos. It’s the first step towards creating your financial blueprint and the first topic that is covered in-depth in the video. The goal is to find out what motivates and drives you. Why are you interested in starting an online career? What are the determining factors that encourage you to learn more and do your best.

The first and most obvious reason provided by most people is simple: money. Everyone wants money and most of us could certainly use more. Money is obviously extremely important and its importance shouldn’t be overlooked, but rarely is it the true reason people turn to starting an online business. On a deeper level, it often has to do with what that money symbolizes and can help you accomplish.

Different people want money for different reasons. For example, the creator of the video and program started his online business seeking money to help his family. This might sound familiar to you as well. Other reasons include starting a personal savings and escaping debt. There are a lot of internal reasons that drive people to want or need more money. Understanding these will help significantly when it comes to creating your blueprint and sticking to it.

Understanding Your Options.

Knowing your personal motivations is the first step, but it’s only one of several. The next topic discussed in the video is understanding your options and how you can get the money you need for the reasons covered above. Luckily, there are loads of way to make money on the internet and many of them are covered briefly in the video.

The first two options covered were separate ad revue sources. The first source was from Facebook advertisements and the second was from Google advertisements. Unfortunately, a significant flaw was found in both of these options: they cost money to get started. It costs you money each time you run an advertisement, which means you could wind up paying more than you’re making.

From there, he moves on to cover a more viable source of income on the internet. A better solution that won’t cost money, but rather continue to earn money without much work on your behalf. The solution was email marketing.

Most email marketing work can be entirely automated. You’ll have free time to do what you love on a daily basis without constantly worrying about the state of your business. Another benefit that comes with email marketing is the ability to make recurring profits.

That means you have the option to send emails,which could generate income, according to your own schedule. You could send out a set of emails and then do it again a few hours later and earn more money. Of course, this isn’t a smart strategy and can quickly lead to unsubscriptions. Instead, you’ll need to discover a consistent and non-intrusive schedule.

The money in email marketing comes from the list. Other sources of income, such as advertisements, can be closed off, thus resulting in a complete loss of profit from those sources. As you long as you have your email list you can continue to profit without restrictions from third-parties.

Money From Email Marketing.

Email marketing has the potential to be an extremely profitable revenue sources. It’s a good idea to start with a monthly goal. The video recommends a monthly goal of 1$ per subscriber. That means a list with 100 subscribers would have a goal of $100 a month. The list and the profits will continue to grow with time.

The money that comes from email marketing campaigns is usually affiliate based. That means you’ll send exclusive affiliate offers to the targeted members of the list. Affiliate marketing is the backbone of most email marketing List Academy Go campaigns.

The affiliate process is extremely simple. Larger companies want you to sell their products. You don’t have to touch, see, package, or ship the products yourself. All you do is get people to follow your link and make a purchase. When that happens you’ll earn a percentage of the sale.

Like email marketing itself, affiliate marketing won’t cost you a dime. Affiliate programs don’t cost money to join. All you do is find people who would be interested in the product, which is where the email marketing list comes into play.

Use targeting methods to get the best results from your list. A highly-targeted list will always yield a higher return per List Academy Go subscriber, making it easy to meet your monthly goals.

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